Pass it On, Citywide Banks is Hiring in Denver!

Pass it On, Citywide Banks is Hiring in Denver! Citywide Banks is currently looking for applicants to work as an Treasury Management Business Development Officer at our Hampden Branch in Denver. […]

Citywide Banks Launches Treasury Management Services for Businesses

Citywide Banks has announced the launch of a new Treasury Management services unit as a platform to offer its business clients a higher level of support and a more comprehensive suite of services to streamline a business’ cash flow operations, increase the earning power of deposits, and strengthen protection against account fraud. As part of the new business unit, existing cash management clients will now be able to access a newly created, local Treasury Management technical support team focused on delivering a heightened level of service for business clients. The expanded service infrastructure will also enable Citywide Banks to introduce a series of more sophisticated commercial banking products in the future. The current suite of Treasury Management services is available at […]

Citywide Banks Adds Free iPhone and Droid Mobile Banking Apps

BANK NEWS – Citywide Banks announced the release of two new mobile banking apps designed exclusively for use with the iPhone® and Android™ smartphones. The new apps can be downloaded and installed for free for use with Citywide Banks OnlineOption™ online banking accounts. When installed, each app creates a visual shortcut icon for the phone’s desktop that streamlines access to a customer’s account login screen. Also, the online banking screens, functions, and display are formatted specifically to the smartphone device. Customers must pre-authorize their specific mobile device through their online banking account prior to accessing their account via their smartphone. […]

Pro Business Tips — Understanding the Levels of Service a CPA Firm Can Bring to a Business

PRO BUSINESS TIPS – An important consideration for any business or non-profit organization lending relationship is the quality and quantity of information to request from the borrower. Should an organization rely on tax returns and internally generated financial statements, or request the involvement of a public accounting firm? If a decision is made to involve a public accounting firm, then what level of service should an organization request? There are three primary levels of service that can be requested from a public accounting firm: a compilation, review or audit. The following illustrates some key differences between these levels of service. […]

Customer Spotlight: Citywide Banks Helps Modmarket Meet Colorado’s Growing Demand for a Healthy Fast Food Fix

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT – With their third restaurant now open in Greenwood Village, about two years after they opened their first healthy fast food (no, it’s not an oxymoron) location in Boulder, ModMarket co-founders Rob McColgan and Anthony Pigliacampo are on their way to realizing their vision of opening a minimum of 100 stores. […]

Nancy Shea Joins Citywide Banks as Executive Vice President & Private Banking Manager

BANK NEWS – Citywide Banks, a leading locally owned community bank in the Front Range, announced that Nancy Shea has joined its leadership team as Executive Vice President/Private Banking Manager. Shea brings more than three decades of success working with high net worth individuals on private banking solutions. Prior to joining Citywide Banks, she held senior management positions with Community Banks of Colorado, Bank of Cherry Creek (now known as American National Bank), UMB, and Harris Bank. […]

Customer Spotlight – Scott’s Liquid Gold Celebrates 40-Year Relationship with Citywide Banks

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT SERIES – Citywide Helps Denver Manufacturer Take Its Nostalgic Brand into the Future. Scott’s Liquid Gold is not just a household cleaner – it’s a household word. Your kitchen is likely home to a can of the almond-scented oil with a red and gold teardrop logo. While its wood oil recipe hasn’t changed for 60 years, the Denver company has grown into a 64-person manufacturer on Havana Street and $15 million annual revenues. And for the past 40 years, Scott’s Liquid Gold has worked hand-in-hand with Citywide Banks for the cash management tools and financing resources it needs to grow its brand. […]