About Citywide Banks


Citywide Banks is a locally owned, family operated bank that has been focused on serving the Denver/Boulder community since 1963. We specialize in commercial lending and cash management solutions customized for small to midsize businesses based in Colorado. We operate out of multiple branch locations spread across the metro Denver/Boulder area.

Back in 1963, Vince Schmitz converted an old tire shop on Colfax Avenue to open our first branch. He believed bank assets should be distributed locally to help grow the local economy. Nearly 50 years later, Citywide Banks remains committed to keeping its assets at work in Colorado, supporting expansion and job growth in the Denver community.

Strong, Stable & Ready to Help Your Business Grow
We believe our financial strength benefits each of our customers, and therefore stands as one of our guideposts. Through varying economies, Citywide Banks has maintained its profitability each year. This breeds security and stability. It also lets us remain independent and focused on providing Denver businesses access to capital to grow and create new local jobs. It empowers us to further our involvement in non-profit and charitable organizations that can positively impact the Denver community. It enables us to invest in new technologies related to improved operational efficiencies, expanded information security, and added service solutions for customers. Most importantly, it allows us to deliver custom banking solutions based on the same values that Vince Schmitz began instilling into our bank back in 1963.

As a Family-Owned Business, Integrity Comes First
Citywide is an independent bank – a family-owned business where values play an important role in our growth as a provider of banking services and as an employer. We will always put honesty and hard work first as we strive to meet our customers’ expectations. As a management team we are determined to provide leadership – to set clear expectations and to lead by example. We foster this trait across the organization by encouraging staff to present new ideas and by asking them to seek out opportunities to improve service and productivity.

Accepting Accountability
Ask any Citywide Banks employee about the importance of accountability and they will tell you it is the very core of our service philosophy. It’s a powerful thing – a strong sense of personal responsibility for doing what is right. As individuals and as a team we know we deliver better customer service because each of us takes that charge personally.

Setting High Standards
Our success is measured by the achievements of our customers. We help customers reach their goals by maintaining the highest credit policy and banking service standards. We invest up-front in understanding the unique attributes of each client’s business and we don’t make recommendations that are not in their best interest. We have great confidence this consistent approach is the path to sustainable growth for our own business as well. Citywide will be here, helping Denver area businesses succeed, for many generations to come.

For more information about Citywide Banks, please visit www.CitywideBanks.com.