Q3 Charity Vote Nominee: Denver’s Seeds of Hope

Citywide Banks’ next Facebook Fan Vote for its Quarterly Hand-Up Charity Donation will take place from September 8-20, 2011.  The following is one of five charities that will be spotlighted leading up to this quarter’s Fan Vote.

Every year, more than a thousand schoolchildren apply to Catholic elementary schools but get turned away, because tuition is out of their families’ reach. 

These schools, located in some of Denver’s poorest neighborhoods, provide a ray of hope and a road to a future.  Mentoring programs nurture kids’ Seeds of Hope - Denver Charityspirits, while rigorous teaching prepares them for professional careers. Nine out of 10 Catholic school students graduate from high school and go to college. 

Seeds of Hope provides scholarships to low-income families so their children can attend Denver Catholic schools. In 2010, the program supported 811 children with gifts of nearly $1.5 million. 

“Our mission is to make the amazing benefits of a Catholic education available to inner city families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it,” said Seeds of Hope Development Director Justin Zuicker.  “We’re all about education in the inner city.”

Denver’s Seeds of Hope also provides emergency assistance to families of current students, should a parent lose a job or face a financial crisis. A donation of $500 from Citywide Banks would bolster this fund, allowing a child to stay in school.

“To reach my goals, I need strength, courage and love,” wrote Victoria, a scholarship recipient, in a letter to Seeds of Hope donors.  “I need strength to stand up for what I believe. I need courage to make my dreams come true. I need love to reach out to others like you do.” 

Seeds of Hope is one of five Denver charities nominated to receive Citywide Banks’ $500 Quarterly Hand-Up Donation. Ready to vote for Seeds of Hope? Visit Citywide’s Facebook Fan Page at Facebook.com/citywidebanks and become a Fan by clicking the “Like” button. Fans will be eligible to vote for their charity choice from September 8 – 20, 2011. Stay tuned to this blog for spotlights on the other nominated charities.

Learn more about how to make your own cash donation or volunteer your time to Seeds of Hope at www.seedsofhopetrust.org.

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