Citywide Banks Helps Kids at Laradon Alternative School Fly Again with Special Donation

It’s true that a small gesture can make a big impact. Citywide Banks learned that when it offered to replace a specially-designed tire swing at Laradon Alternative School in Denver. The school’s students, many facing the challenges of autism, used the swing for more than a fun diversion.

“In a conversation with Citywide’s managers, we mentioned how much the students at Laradon’s Alternative School were missing their broken tire swing,” commented Tilman Adair, executive director of Laradon Foundation. “Our teachers explained that the twirling and swinging motions are uniquely important sensory integration activities for their students with autism. Because of the bank’s corporate culture of sincerity and responsiveness, the kids are flying again!”

Laradon is a Denver nonprofit providing educational, vocational, and residential services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

“The leaders at Citywide Banks have brought such a refreshing and locally-focused perspective to our community efforts,” continued Adair. “They naturally and sincerely look for ways to connect with how Laradon is changing the lives of Denver’s most vulnerable children.”

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