Apple Pay Now Available with Citywide Banks Debit Cards – Pay Securely with a Single Touch Using Your Phone

Citywide Banks now offers customers the ability to setup their personal or business Citywide Banks VISA® debit card with Apple Pay™. Apple Pay works with Apple’s built-in ‘Wallet’ app on the newer iPhone and iPad devices. It allows purchases to be made through the phone instead of swiping a debit card. After setting up a debit card in the mobile device’s built-in ‘Wallet’ app, a user can begin using Apple Pay at a growing list of Colorado retailers and retailer mobile apps. Apple Pay purchases show up on the Citywide Banks deposit account just as if the user had paid with a physical debit card.

Is It Secure?
Using Apple Pay is considered another tool to help strengthen account security. Its transactions are authorized with Apple’s TouchID™ thumbprint security (or your device’s passcode). Also, unlike typical card purchases, a user’s debit card number is not shared with merchants or transmitted with the payment information. The debit card number is not even stored on the mobile device. Instead, transactions use a unique, encrypted device account number to complete the payment.

Where Can Apple Pay Be Used?
Apple Pay is already accepted at many Denver-area grocers, drug stores, sandwich shops, coffee houses, and thousands more of your favorite merchants. More are being added every month. Plus, Apple Pay can be added as a payment method in many popular mobile apps. See list of retailers accepting Apple Pay

How to Setup Apple Pay for Your Citywide Banks Debit Card

  1. Check if your device is compatible. Apple Pay is available for the iPhone 6 (or newer versions), and the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini 3 (or newer versions).
  2. Make sure your device’s operating system is running iOS 8.1 or later
  3. Make sure you have setup a passcode or Touch ID (e.g. fingerprint access) on your device
  4. Open “Wallet” on your device (this is a built-in app on your phone or iPad), and follow instructions to “Add Credit or Debit Card.” Both personal and business Citywide Banks debit cards are eligible to be setup in Apple Pay.
  5. Citywide Banks will be automatically notified of your pending request to add your debit card to Apple Pay. During this verification process, you may be asked to contact Citywide Banks and speak to a representative to verify the request during regular banking hours. If this contact is required, you will be notified with an alert via your phone’s Wallet app.
  6. Once the card is verified, you can begin using Apple Pay. At the store’s checkout, simply open Wallet, tap the Citywide Banks debit card, hold device near payment terminal, and use TouchID or your passcode. Your device will display a confirmation that payment was completed.

Learn more about Apple Pay for Your Citywide Banks account


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