(Contest Nominee) Colorado Cancer Research Program Connects Hope and Medical Science

CCRP is one of seven nonprofits nominated in Citywide Banks CHARITY HAND-UP CONTEST taking place on Facebook from November 2-22, 2015. The public is invited to vote for a nominee and enter prize drawings. $8,000 in cash donations will be split between the charities based on the voting results. CLICK HERE for voting page.

Overall incidence rates of all cancers in Colorado have dropped in the last five years, according to the National Cancer Institute. And, equally as exciting, the five-year survival rates of almost all major cancers have significantly increased in the last 20 years. Ground-breaking research and clinical trials have been a leading driver for this success. The Colorado Cancer Research Program (CCRP), founded in 1983, acts as a critical conduit between medical researchers and patients. CCRP is one of seven Colorado nonprofits nominated in the Citywide Banks Charity Hand-Up Contest taking place November 2-22, 2015.

“Our ultimate goal is finding an overall cure for cancer and that is now a real possibility,” says CCRP development director Dave Sevick. “That’s something that we couldn’t have said just a decade ago.”

CCRP typically gets involved after an individual is diagnosed with cancer and expresses interest in learning about clinical research trial opportunities. CCRP has working relationships with 21 different hospitals, nearly 40 clinics and more than 140 oncologists and physicians involved in cancer research. The nonprofit is one of only 34 national community oncology research programs affiliated with the National Cancer Institute. CCRP helps patients navigate through the many clinical trials going on at any given time.

These trials are ways for cancer patients to receive advance treatment that is not currently widely available. A primary goal of CCRP is to make sure that people all over Colorado are able to participate in cancer prevention, cancer control, and cancer treatment trials through local physicians, community hospitals and clinics. Participating in a clinical trial can be, literally, life changing.

CCRP founder, oncologist Dr. Robert Berris, realized the U.S. was behind the rest of the world in cancer research, says Sevick, when he formed the center in the early 1980s. “Berris was the driving force that helped create one of the regional centers here in Colorado and, since its inception, CCRP has become a leader in research and treatment, giving patients a real chance at beating cancer,” says Sevick.

CCRP focuses on all types of adult cancers. And since their formation, they have become a significant contributor with the ground-breaking advances in treatment protocols we read about today, impacting nearly 6,000 patients, many who are alive today because of their work.

“I like to explain what we do this way,” said CCRP President/CEO Patricia Peterson. “Yesterday’s clinical trials have become today’s standard of care. And today’s clinical trials will be tomorrow’s cure.”

While CCRP has some annual fundraising events where volunteers can help, their major need is financial donations. A significant federal budget cut to the National Cancer Institute trickled down to CCRP and now they must make up that gap in order to continue with the important work they’re doing. Furthermore, CCRP is only partially funded by the National Cancer Institute. The remainder must be raised through community financial support.

Sevick says that setting up a memorial tribute-giving program for a loved one that has passed is a wonderful way to “honor their memory and keep their spirit alive,” and support the important work they do.

Or, consider setting up your own fundraising event, Sevick suggests. CCRP will help with marketing and promotion, but the event is executed by the community with funds being donated to CCRP. Other opportunities include donating on Colorado Gives Day on December 8, and attending one of CCRP’s fundraising events throughout the year.

If CCRP Receives Most Votes in Contest
A $5,000 donation from Citywide Banks would go directly toward the nonprofit’s general fund and help abate the organization’s budget shortfall.

For more information on ways to donate your time or money, please visit www.Co-CancerResearch.org or follow it on Facebook at Facebook.com/Colorado-Cancer-Research-Program.

How to Give CCRP Association a Hand-Up

  1. VOTE FOR CCRP on contest voting page at Citywide Banks Facebook page
  2. POST A COMMENT about CCRP on the Citywide Banks Facebook page
  3. SHARE posts about this contest with your family, friends, and coworkers
  4. “LIKE” CCRP’s Facebook Page (the charity nominee with biggest % increase in Facebook followers during contest will receive an extra $500 donation from Citywide Banks)

How to Cast Your Vote – November 2-22, 2015
The contest is open to the general public within Colorado (non-customers welcome to participate; no purchase necessary). The easiest way to vote is online by clicking the “Charity Contest” tab on the Citywide Banks Facebook page at Facebook.com/citywidebanks. Users will need to “like” the bank’s Facebook page to submit a vote/entry online. One vote/entry per person is permitted during the 21-day contest. After voting on Facebook, users can use the sharing buttons to easily invite their Facebook friends to vote for their favorite charity. There is even an added bonus prize drawing for those voters that post the contest on their own Facebook timeline.

About the Citywide Banks Charity Hand-Up Contests
Citywide Banks is a 52-year-old, family operated, Colorado focused business bank that is passionate about supporting Colorado charities. Through our Charity Hand-Up Contests, seven Colorado causes are nominated by our employees to be showcased through social media and in our branches. Then, we ask the community to vote on Facebook for their favorite. Based on final vote standings, Citywide Banks splits $8,000 in donations. The charity with the most votes receives the top $5,000 donation. Contest voters can also enter to win great prizes, including dinner for two at a top Denver restaurant. Official prize drawing rules are available by clicking here. More contest details are at CitywideBanks.com/contest/.



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