Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

Feeling like your company’s IT network may be vulnerable to attack? You are not alone. According to a 2015 Accenture Consulting study of more than 900 C-level executives, 76% believe the likelihood of  a malicious attack is “very or extremely high.” That same study found 63% claimed their organizations experience significant attacks that test the resilience of their IT systems on a daily basis. In Citywide Banks own polling of more than 400 Colorado business executives at its February 2015 economic forecast event, it found only 18% that were “very confident” about the security of their company’s IT network. The good news is there are some steps any company can take to help mitigate the impact of this new cyber risk environment.

Recognize the Threat Reality and Educate Employees
Security is no longer simply an IT department task. Every employee now has a role in helping protecting your client data, entry-points into your company’s IT network, and other sensitive information. Companies should adopt basic security practices and policies for all employees. These include requiring strong passwords, establishing Internet and social media use guidelines, and incorporating mobile phone security protocols.

Here are some helpful reminders to help prevent fraud and strengthen cyber security:

  • Keep anti-virus software updated
  • Be wary of unknown emails or text messages – Do NOT open attachments or click on links in these messages
  • Develop an employee internet policy
  • Utilize web filtering software to protect employee internet use
  • Do NOT share account log-in information, and change passwords regularly
  • Implement dual controls for managing finances (one person inputs, another approves), especially when managing wire transfers
  • Encrypt your office’s WIFI network
  • Monitor financial accounts for suspicious activity (external and internal fraud)
  • Password-protect mobile phones for all employees

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