Citywide Banks Adds DEBIT CARD ALERTS – Free Personalized Notifications to Help Prevent Fraud

Citywide Banks now offers customers a convenient tool to monitor debit card usage and help spot fraudulent activity. Citywide Banks Debit Card Alerts empowers clients to receive near real-time alerts sent to a designated mobile phone or email. The new service is included at no additional charge** with any debit card connected to a Citywide Banks business, personal, and health savings account. Customers can setup their alerts by logging into their Citywide Banks OnlineOption online banking account and clicking on the “CWB Card Alerts” tab.

The Debit Card Alerts offer users to setup multiple types of debit card activity and for preferred dollar amount thresholds.

  • Transfer Alert
  • Withdrawal Alert
  • Denied Transaction Alert
  • Exceed Limit Alert
  • Exceed Balance Alert
  • Purchase Alert

LEARN MORE about the benefits of Citywide Banks Debit Card Alerts

The new Debit Card Alerts complement an existing notification service called Citywide Banks E-Alerts. Both are free custom alert services that can be setup through your Citywide Banks OnlineOption account. See a comparison of the services on the website.

Monitoring account activity through alerts is just one of many tools to help prevent unauthorized access to your Citywide Banks account. Together with the bank’s evolving array of automatic security measures, here are some things you can do:

  • Monitor your personal and business financial accounts frequently for suspicious transaction and immediately report any suspicious transaction to your Citywide Banks account representative or by contacting Customer Service at 303-365-3650.
  • Keep anti-virus software updated
  • Be wary of unknown emails – Don’t open attachments or click on links
  • Your phone’s caller-ID can be manipulated to misrepresent the source of a call – Be wary of any request for personal account information
  • Do not share account log-in information
  • Encrypt your wireless network
  • Password-protect your mobile phone
  • Be wary of “urgent” emails requesting you to input log-in information or other private information. Contact your account provider directly through known contacts to confirm the request is legitimate.
  • For businesses, develop an employee internet and social media use policy
  • It’s also helpful to utilize web filtering software to protect employee internet use
  • For businesses, implement dual controls for managing finances, especially wire transfers from your banking account (one person inputs, another one approves)


  • Citywide Banks will NOT ask you for personal account information or your Social Security number through a phone call, email, text, online form, or social media.
  • Any email claiming to be from Citywide Banks requesting personal information such as Social Security number, online IDs, or passwords, should not be trusted or opened.
  • Citywide Banks will always post a message on our OnlineOption online banking home page (the page you see after you log into your account) alerting customers 48 hours prior to scheduled maintenance.
  • You should always contact your designated Citywide Banks representative, your nearest branch, or Citywide Banks Customer Service at 303-365-3650, to verify the validity of any event or information request.

If you suspect any fraudulent transactions, please immediately report it to your Citywide Banks account representative or by contacting Customer Service at 303-365-3650.

Please contact your Citywide Banks representative for any questions about your account. For more tips on information security, including protecting your mobile phone use, visit the Information Security Section on

**No fee is charged by Citywide Banks. Mobile service carrier fees may apply depending on your service plan. Check with your mobile carrier.


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