(Contest Nominee) HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE SOUTH PLATTE VALLEY Passionate about Finding Homes for Lost or Unwanted Pets

Citywide Banks employees have nominated seven Colorado charities to compete in its Charity Hand-Up Contest taking place on Facebook from July 7-21, 2014. The community is invited to vote for a nominee and enter prize drawings. $8,000 in cash donations will be split between nominees based on the voting results.  Facebook Voting Page

Its mission is to offer heartfelt compassion to animals in need. What makes the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley (HSSPV) different from other animal shelters is that, because of its smaller size, the employees are able to really get to know each and every animal that walks through their doors. And because the employees of this family-like organization know the personality and habits of each animal so well, they’re incredibly invested in helping find just the right new home for these lost or unwanted pets.

“We believe in giving these animals second, or even third chances,” says HSSPV shelter director Leslie Maisonneuve. “We really take the time to get to know all the animals that come into our shelter so we can really figure out what the animal needs to find the best home, and that’s pretty much the underlying mission we all aspire to.”

The HSSPV was formed in 2009 by local community members who saw a great need for a new shelter to house all the stray and lost animals in the South Platte Valley and formed this new organization with support from the cities of Littleton and Englewood.

The nonprofit has been very successful in reuniting lost pets with their families and finding new adoptive homes.  Last year they took in 1,717 animals, adopted out 1,147 animals and reunited 403 with their families. Its goal is to adopt out 1,300 animals during 2014.

Maisonneuve says the reason they have had such a high adoption rate is because of a few things they do. First, they have an adoption mobile, Travelin’ Tails, which is an RV, donated by Ralph Schomp Honda, retrofitted with kennels. They travel around the south metro area in Travelin’ Tails raising awareness, and providing opportunities for pet adoptions. They go to about two to three offsite adoption events each week, including frequent campaigns at local PetSmart stores, Petco stores, Aspen Grove, Schomp Honda, Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson, and others.

HSSPV has a training specialist that works closely with the dogs that display behavioral challenges to better prepare them for adoption. Also, adoptees can get help from the trainer after they’ve adopted their dog or cat.

“I think it comes down to us trying to figure out the right pet for the right person,” Maisonneuve says. “I think people start hearing how seriously we look at the adoption process and they refer us to their friends.”

Another thing that makes their pets so adoptable is that they are very well taken care of, and properly socialized with humans and other pets. Not only do the dogs get walked by dedicated volunteers about three times a day, but also they take care of all the animals medically.  In addition to receiving local strays and lost animals, the HSSPV also transfers in dogs and cats from other shelters and animal welfare groups that may be overcrowded, or without the adequate resources to help the animals find new homes.

Some of the dogs arrive in very poor condition without any history of veterinary care. Maisonneuve recalls one time when they noticed that one new dog had a very labored walk.  It was clearly in pain. Following the examination, the medical staff discovered that the dog had been shot and the bullets remained lodged in her leg. Being able to help in these types of heart wrenching stories makes HSSPV’s job challenging, but also empowering and satisfying, she says.

The local community can best help the HSSPV by telling friends, family, and coworkers about the shelter. “Getting the word out about us is huge because that creates potential homes,” explains Maisonneuve. Financial donations are also appreciated because they help cover the high cost of medical care, medicines and vaccines. The medicines and veterinarian care, Maisonneuve explains, help make it possible for more of their animals to get adopted.

A $5,000 donation from Citywide Banks would go directly to medical care for the animals. For more information on ways to donate your time or money, please visit www.HSSPV.org or follow HSSPV on Facebook.

How to Give HSSPV a Hand-Up

  1. “LIKE” THEM ON FACEBOOK during the July contest (charity nominee with biggest % increase in Facebook followers will receive an extra $500 donation from Citywide Banks)
  2. VOTE FOR THEM on contest voting page at Citywide Banks Facebook page (charity nominee with most votes will get $5,000 donation from Citywide Banks)
  3. POST A COMMENT about what you like about HSSPV on Citywide Banks Facebook page
  4. SHARE posts about this contest and HSSPV with your family, friends, and coworkers (tell them to support HSSPV)

About the Citywide Banks Charity Hand-Up Contest
For more than 50 years, family owned, Colorado focused Citywide Banks has been a passionate champion of our local charities. Our Charity Hand-Up Contests spotlight seven Colorado causes nominated by bank employees. Then, based on a 15-day community vote on Facebook, Citywide Banks splits $8,000 in donations to the nominees. The charity with the most votes receives the top $5,000 donation. Contest voters can also enter to win great prizes, including dinner for two at a top Denver restaurant. Official prize drawing rules are available by clicking here. Full contest details are at www.CitywideBanks.com/contest/.

How to Cast Your Vote – July 7-21, 2014
The contest is open to the general public within the Denver/Boulder community (non-customers welcome to participate; no purchase necessary). The easiest way to vote is online by clicking the “Charity Contest” tab on the Citywide Banks Facebook page at  www.Facebook.com/citywidebanks. Users will need to “like” the bank’s Facebook page to submit a vote/entry online. One vote/entry per person is permitted during the 15-day contest. After voting on Facebook, users can use the sharing buttons to easily invite their Facebook friends to vote for their favorite charity. There is even an added bonus prize drawing for those voters that post the contest on their own Facebook timeline.

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