(Contest Nominee) JEFFERSON CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH Brings Hope to Those Facing Emotional Hardship

Seven Colorado charities have been nominated in Citywide Banks’ Charity Hand-Up Contest taking place on Facebook from March 17-31, 2014. The local community is invited to vote for a nominee and enter prize drawings. $7,500 in cash donations will be split between nominees based on the voting results. CLICK HERE for voting page

Jefferson Center for Mental Health does more than help people in need of mental health services that walk through their doors, they are committed to the health of our entire community, says Jeanne Oliver, Jefferson Center’s VP of marketing and development.

“We bring hope to the community and to the individuals and families who are struggling each year with mental health disorders and/or emotional problems…people dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges,” says Oliver.

Jefferson Center serves the very young to the very old in Colorado’s Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin counties. Beyond the office based services, licensed counselors are in schools, nursing homes, primary care physician offices and health clinics.  They are also on the front lines in times when the community needs them the most.  Whether it is when a natural disaster hits home—a devastating event like last year’s floods and forest fires—or when a tragedy strikes and the community is left traumatized, Jefferson Center is there to offer help, hope and support.

Jefferson Center was founded in 1958 in a one-room clinic with three employees as a result of the national movement back in early 60s to move mental health patients out of institutions and into the community where they could get help and thrive.  Today, Jefferson Center’s counseling and support programs in more than 50 locations help people of all ages — from their early intervention program serving toddlers and parents to their programs designed to meet the unique needs of seniors.

Jefferson Center’s services and programs engage, help and inspire people on the road to recovery and resiliency.  In order to reach the most people possible, Jefferson Center offers a full continuum of services that include prevention and early intervention as well as counseling to help those who need support during a tough time and more intensive treatment options to help those with serious mental health illnesses.  Jefferson Center has developed programs that respond to growing community needs like their Total Force program specifically targeted to veterans and their families.  A crisis hotline is available and information and resources are available on their website.  As a result of these far reaching services, the Center helps about 19,000 members of the community each year.

With the number and variety of services Jefferson Center offers, it is truly a comprehensive mental health organization providing assistance to anyone in the entire community that needs help regardless of their ability to pay.

“We are very focused on the mind/body connection and the importance of considering both mental and physical health and wellness,” explained Oliver. “It’s all one.” She explains that many common physical diseases like diabetes or heart disease also have a mental health component and that integrating physical and mental healthcare improves overall health and outcomes.

One of its award winning programs is the School-based Counseling Program.   What began in 1991 in one high-need elementary school has now grown to include 36 elementary and middle schools. The program places mental health professionals on site in the schools to ensure easy and direct access for children and families.  Having licensed mental health professionals available right in the school reduces the stigma of seeking out mental health counseling and support.

Jefferson Center services are funded by client fees, State and Federal funding and grants.  As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, the Jefferson Center depends on the generosity of corporate and individual donations to help cover the costs of providing quality mental health care for all that come through our doors.  Oliver says the community can help her organization by either volunteering for, or attending, one of their fundraising events like the annual summer Putt Your Stuff miniature golf tournament.  They also have many other general volunteer opportunities for people who would like to become more involved.

A $5,000 donation would be used to provide free Mental Health First Aid classes to community members. Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognized program similar to physical first aid, explains Oliver. The class teaches community members how to recognize the first signs of a mental health issue or crisis, and provides them with hands on skills and tools to use until that person is in the care of a mental health professional.

Jefferson Center recently certified its 500th Mental Health First Aider and the demand from the community is growing.

“We touch so many different lives in so many different ways,” says Oliver.

For more information on ways to donate your time or money, please visit www.JCMH.org.


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