A Look Inside Citywide Banks’ Unique Business Culture

Citywide Banks has published a series of articles in the Denver Business Journal in honor of the bank’s 50th Anniversary. The following article is one of six features in the special section. View the complete section at www.CitywideBanks.com.

Citywide Banks is turning 50 years old in 2013. Big deal, right? It’s not the only Colorado bank to reach the milestone. However, one needs to go beyond the numbers to find the intriguing story about the bank. Through all the recent noise of big bank bailouts, industry consolidation, and mass layoffs, Citywide Banks has quietly moved forward during a turbulent shift in the banking industry. The bank has successfully grown its employee base and assets while simultaneously streamlining operations. It has consistently sustained  profitability and high satisfaction rates for both employees and customers through five decades of varying economies. Whether it’s the consistent family leadership, core operating values, or simply having a knack for putting  the  right people in the right jobs, Citywide Banks has cultivated a unique employee  culture that is unmatched in banking today.

The most obvious element that stands out about Citywide is its family leadership. The bank was co-founded by Vince Schmitz with a handful of his Regis College classmates. In the late 1990’s, Jeff Schmitz and Marty Schmitz left successful careers outside banking  to join their father as the bank expanded across metro Denver. Vince held the bank’s top post until his death in 2010. Today, Marty is the bank’s chairman,  Jeff is chief operating officer, and the bank is primarily family owned. The consistent family involvement has created a higher sense of purpose to not only build on Vince’s legacy, but to do it the right way.  That means growth that can bring sustainable benefits to customers, employees, and the local community.  That philosophy has created a uniquely collaborative and forward-thinking working environment.

“I have worked for both publicly-traded banks and   privately owned banks,” commented Alan Parker, president of  Citywide’s branch in Arvada. “As a privately owned bank, Citywide can focus efforts on what is beneficial for the bank and our clients over the long term, not just the next quarter.”



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A Look Inside Citywide Banks Unique Business Culture

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