Employee Volunteer Spotlight: Peg Sale, New Accounts Banker & Victim’s Assistance Volunteer

Citywide Banks Employee VolunteeringTry to imagine the difficulty of going to someone’s front door in the middle of the night to tell them that their loved one has been involved in a tragedy. Imagine doing this, faithfully, year-after-year, for the next 20 years.  That’s exactly what Peg Sale, an Account Executive at Citywide Banks, has done as a volunteer with the Arapahoe County Sheriffs Department.  Peg was recently recognized for her dedicated service as a Victims Assistance Advocate with the Arapahoe County Victim’s Assistance Program (VAP) by Sheriff Grayson Robinson.

Peg Sale, Citywide BanksThe program is dedicated to providing help to citizens within the Arapahoe County community who have been victimized or traumatized, and provides crisis response to crime victims and other individuals involved in traumatic events or persons in need 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. Volunteer training provides necessary skills in crisis intervention and short-term support, as well as additional training in referral information, information on victims’ rights, victim compensation, and case status information. The staff consists of a coordinator, advocate and 33 volunteers. Their service to the community involves varying roles, including on-site residential assistance, crisis intervention to the parents of runaway teens, speaking to students about dating violence, or accompanying uniformed deputies on death notifications.

“While news stories related to criminal activity most often focus upon the suspects, Peg Sale and the members of the Sheriff’s Office VAP serve the victims and survivors of crime,” Sheriff Robinson commented. “Peg has demonstrated a significant ability to make a difference for the people of our community.”

Sale’s involvement in the program came about through an unfortunate incident in 1988. “A classmate of my son was involved in an accident,” she explained. “Back then, there wasn’t much of an organized support program in my community for victims’ families, and seeing a family from your own community suffer through a tragedy without having much support inspired me to get involved.” After completing a very demanding training program, Sale’s volunteering as a Victims’ Assistance Advocate has resulted in over 20 years of service to crisis victims living in Arapahoe County.

One would typically ask how someone could do this type of work for two decades. “Most volunteers find it difficult to do this for more than a few years – it can be a thankless job, but I know that my community needs this type of program, and the program needs the volunteers,” Sale explains. “Living in a tight-knit community has a lot to do with me continuing this work for all these years. You know the people, you know you are a help.”

Peg has been part of the team at Citywide Banks for 14 years.  She’s one of more than 250 Front Range employees at Citywide Banks working everyday to positively impact our local community.

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