Employee Volunteer Spotlight: Debra Neeley, Commercial Banker & Activist for Aurora

Employee Volunteer - Citywide BanksDeb Neeley is no stranger to the Aurora community or Citywide Banks. After growing up in an Air Force family, she settled in Aurora and began working with Citywide Banks 35 years ago.  Deb’s loyalty to the bank is matched only by her passion to help others in her community.  She takes to heart the bank’s active encouragement for its employees to get involved with the local community and charitable causes they find personally meaningful.

Deb Neeley - Citywide BanksDeb loves Aurora for its location, beautiful weather and friendly people. Her involvement with the “Leadership Aurora” program over a decade ago really struck a chord with her. Offered through the local Chamber of Commerce, the program provided her with insightful knowledge about the city and how political leaders and departments work together to improve the community. The experience inspired her to get more personally involved in helping the community and others in need.

Now you could say volunteering is simply engrained into Deb’s daily life. Her involvement with Aurora Rotary began over seven years ago. She loves being a part of an organization with both local and worldwide efforts helping people live better lives. From ensuring communities have clean drinking water and vaccinations to providing helping hands to the Salvation Army, Rotary members are caring people focused on the welfare of others. She gives her time and expertise every week as Treasurer of the local chapter, and feels many of her fellow Rotarians are like family.

In addition to her Rotary involvement, Deb serves on the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army (SA). Her involvement with the SA doesn’t stop there. As Chair of the Finance Committee, she helps the organization attain funds and ensure their availability for activities aiding the local Aurora community. Her involvement with the SA came about when she noticed efforts to develop a center close to the Colfax Branch of Citywide Banks. She had heard many stories of the SA helping families struggling at the holidays and thought she might be able to lend a hand.

The Lupus Foundation is another organization benefiting from Deb’s financial advisement. As a client of the bank, the foundation asked if she would become a member of their Finance Committee to provide input and assistance on investments, banking and other financial logistics.

As word spread, another one of Deb’s customers asked if she would like to help with the Aurora Housing Authority. Aurora Housing fit with Deb’s core values of helping disadvantaged/low income individuals obtain affordable housing. Last summer, she was elected Commissioner of the board by the City of Aurora.

“I want to be a part of helping others in all that I do,” says Deb. And that applies to her role as a strong female business leader as well. At the  Alliance of Professional Women (APW), she assists less fortunate women attain grants to start businesses and make their dreams a reality.  APW is a local networking organization that also raises funds for its APW Foundation. The foundation helps impoverished women in developing nations to build businesses and provide them with continuing income and a better economy in their village through small business loans called Microcredits.

Deb frequently finds herself at local fundraisers for friends’ favorite organizations, and regularly encourages her friends to get involved with her charity campaigns. Last December, she was personally responsible for recruiting 300 volunteers for the Salvation Army’s holiday drive. Examples like this portray Deb’s selfless attitude and unconditional willingness to help others attain a better life. She truly is an exemplary citizen we are proud to have her on the Citywide team.

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    Way to go Deb,You have always been an wonderful caring person with a strong sense of community values ,wishing you the very best