Q4 Charity Vote Nominee – Colorado’s Helping Hands Foundation Works to Save Animals’ Lives

Citywide Connect Community Outreach ProgramCitywide Banks’ next Charity Fan Vote for its $1,000 Quarterly Hand-Up Charity Donation will take place  on Facebook from December 1-14, 2011.  The following is one of five nominated charities that will be spotlighted leading up to this quarter’s Fan Vote.

Helping Hands FoundationIn the tomb of needless deaths, add 6-month-old kittens, puppies and other beloved family ‘members.’  Every day, pet owners choose euthanasia because they can’t pay their pets’ medical bills.

The Colorado Helping Hands Foundation stops this loss of life.  For pets with a good prognosis and financially strapped owners, the Foundation asks veterinarians to discount their services and then subsidizes the cost of care.  As a last resort for covering the cost of emergency or specialist treatment, Helping Hands assistance can often facilitate a happy ending in life or death situations. Helping Hands helps to make abandoned animals with medical problems more adoptable, giving many strays a second chance in our community.

“It started with veterinarians,” explains Lisa Brudenell, referral coordinator at VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver. “They’d say, ‘I cannot euthanize this 7 month old kitten for a fracture repair…For me, the satisfaction comes being able to stop a child’s tears when they know a beloved pet is no longer going to die.” 

The foundation was created in the 1990’s at the VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. During 2011, the Foundation has saved more than 100 pets with a budget of about $70,000. The average financial subsidy was $581.  Entirely volunteer-run, the Foundation would use a donation of $1,000 to directly save animals’ lives.

Learn more about how to make your own cash donation or volunteer your time at www.HelpingCritters.org.

Vote for Helping Hands Foundation in December’s $1,000 Facebook Vote 
The Helping Hands Foundation is one of five Colorado charities nominated for the $1,000 Quarterly CFVHand-Up Charity Donation from Citywide Banks. The runner-up charity will receive a $250 donation. Ready to vote for Helping Hands Foundation? Visit Citywide’s Facebook Fan Page at Facebook.com/citywidebanks and become a Fan by clicking the “Like” button. Then, from December 1-14, 2011, Fans will be eligible to cast their vote. Stay tuned to this blog for spotlights on the other nominated charities.

Why Citywide Is Promoting Front Range Charities
As part of its larger Citywide Connect community outreach program, Citywide Banks is aiming to raise awareness about the great work and ongoing needs of Denver & Boulder charities. Due to our economic times, it’s increasingly important for businesses to step up and help those in need around the Front Range. Our local charities cannot depend on government resources alone. As a locally-owned business bank, Citywide Banks wants to encourage more businesses to look at local charities for their corporate giving campaigns. We also want to encourage more business professionals to volunteer in our local community. Our quarterly Fan Vote on Facebook is a fun way to get the community engaged in our campaign. Regardless of who wins the vote, all the nominated charities will get some valuable exposure for their work and ongoing needs.

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  • Andrew J. Gephart

    Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Colorado Helping Hands helped Diamond. She was stabbed 5x times by her owner. Colorado Helping Hands took care of all her medical needs. Colorado Helping Hands has helped so many animals that are in need. They are great people to work with. I support them, and all of Diamonds supporters, 7,000 + support Colorado Helping Hands.

    I will share this page on Diamonds Page. Thank you for all that you do, and continue to do.