Pro Business Tips — Understanding the Levels of Service a CPA Firm Can Bring to a Business

PRO BUSINESS TIPS – An important consideration for any business or non-profit organization lending relationship is the quality and quantity of information to request from the borrower. Should an organization rely on tax returns and internally generated financial statements, or request the involvement of a public accounting firm? If a decision is made to involve a public accounting firm, then what level of service should an organization request? There are three primary levels of service that can be requested from a public accounting firm: a compilation, review or audit. The following illustrates some key differences between these levels of service. [...]

Top Smartphone Apps for Business

The search for apps that can help business professionals manage their time, stay organized, and boost their productivity can be as challenging as digging for he proverbial needle in a haystack. Therefore, Citywide Banks has compiled a quick list of some interesting business-related apps for your smartphone. Below are a few apps from the list published in the “Fan Exclusives” section on the Citywide Banks Facebook Fan Page. Simply become a Fan to access special whitepapers, articles, research data, and other downloads that can help your company move forward. [...]

How to Make Your Business Remarkable (On the Cheap)

PRO BUSINESS TIPS SERIES – This past December, The New York Enterprise Report explained how Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a small eatery in Manhattan’s theater district, got people to stand in line for the privilege of paying up to $20 for a hamburger. Ellen’s figured it out with little or no cost. The diner offered its patrons value by having aspiring actors and actresses sing show tunes while serving burgers and shakes. It quickly became a “must-see remarkable place to go.” [...]

Sales Tip: Avoid The Flat Squirrel Syndrome

PRO BUSINESS TIPS SERIES – Don’t let paralysis analysis, inaction, and ‘deer in the headlights’ moments provide competitors the opportunity to run you over and nominate you to membership in the flat squirrel club. Ideas are a dime a dozen but action is priceless. Selling is helping others make decisions, so work on your own decision making process. [...]

New For Businesses in Quickbooks 2011

Every year Intuit listens to customers and consultants and strives to roll out 3-5 valuable new features to meet their needs.  Here are some new (and not-so-new-but-little-known) features for 2011:

QuickBooks Pro 2011

Invoice multiple customers at once with Batch Invoicing Send invoices, estimates, and other e-mails from Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail directly from QuickBooks. [...]

Tax Aspects of Commercial Property Debt Modifications

Most real estate has undergone a significant decline in value during the last 24 months. This decline has impacted commercial, industrial and residential property; and in some cases, the value of the property has declined to a level close to, or lower than the debt on the property. Cash flows to service the debt have [...]

What Did I Say? Staying on Message in a Rapid-Fire World

If you own your business or handle marketing I’m sure you, too, are bombarded daily with information about the latest social media.  Every day new experts and so-called social media gurus are extolling the latest and greatest idea of the moment.

Do this, tweet that, post here, link there, or whatever on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, [...]

Accounting Tips: Finding the Silver Lining in the Real Estate Decline

The U.S. and global economies have been in turmoil for close to 24 months now. There are differing views as to whether we are coming out of the recession, or headed for a double-dip recession. I will leave those forecasts to the economists! One thing is certain: we will all experience a number of significant [...]

Tonality and Tenacity in Sales

Tenacious salespeople do not rely on luck for success. Rather, they work toward a goal with determination to make something happen. One of the biggest mistakes less successful business developers make is not following-up with potential customers and prospects. The dilemma is identifying the fine line between being tenacious and being downright annoying. Making repeated [...]

Making More Effective Decisions with Quickbooks Reports

QuickBooks reports can deliver information from the very general to the very specific. And you’re the person who controls that level of detail. On one hand, it’s as simple as selecting the proper report from the list of reports. On the other hand, it’s as complex as “beginning with the end in mind” to set [...]

The Importance of Reaching Out to Customers in a Recession

Customer focus sounds cliché, but it is more important than ever in a recession. Your customers are also thinking how they can best survive the current economy. How can you help them? No, not how can your products and services help them, but how can YOU help them?

You can ‘cement’ those important relationships by [...]

Keys to Ensuring PR Works for Your Business

Do you frequently have stories written about your company but nothing really seems to happen as a result? This is a common problem many companies face and often times, it’s because their public relations activities are not strategically aligned with the business.

Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d [...]

ADA TRAINING: An Ounce of Prevention for Your Business

HEADLINE NEWS: Failure to train managers about workplace requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act can lead to punitive damages against the employer, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has held. Without training of supervisors, an employer’s written antidiscrimination policy and ADA compliance manual were not enough to protect the employer from liability for ADA [...]

Do You Trust The Cloud?

Cloud computing is rapidly gaining steam, especially among small and mid sized businesses which have the ability to quickly change and adapt to new cost-effective technologies. Haven’t heard of cloud computing? At its most basic level, it is simply hosting a technology service from outside your office. It could be an application such as e-mail, [...]

Redefining the Role of Your Company’s Website

Think Highest Value, Not Highest Traffic 

Communicating the right message to your business’ target audience has never been more challenging. Today, businesses can choose from an overwhelming variety of offline and online marketing channels. Too often, businesses either rush to the latest marketing opportunity without regard to their brand strategy or sit too long [...]