The Movement to Stay Local with Your Food, Manufactured Goods, and Yes, Banking, Is Catching On

All of us in Colorado are blessed to live in a state that is bustling with growing entrepreneurship and rich natural resources. We are proud to say we are from Denver, Boulder, Littleton, or another Colorado town. We wear our Broncos orange with great pride and defend our state’s skiing as the best in the world. And, more and more, Coloradans are staying local with their groceries, beer, clothing, and, yes, even their banking. […]

New Insight into Economic Forecast for Colorado Businesses Presented at Colorado CEO Forum

Earlier this month, Citywide Banks participated in the 14th Annual Colorado CEO Forum held in downtown Denver. The event brought together leaders from over 400 companies based in Denver and Boulder. The featured presenter was renowned economist, Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics. Brian discussed how shifting trends in employment, demographics, inflation, and innovation will impact the business landscape in Colorado and the United States over the next 25 years. […]

Why the Citywide Banks Business Model Works for Denver Companies & Local Community

The true measure of a company’s success is what its customers think about it. It goes beyond being on a first name basis. Is the relationship bringing real value that’s impacting the company’s business goals? Would they refer the business to a colleague? For five decades, Citywide Banks has strived to be more than just another outlet for a business loan. Our business model is centered on partnering with local small to midsize businesses to move our local community forward. That means giving businesses the support and financial tools to grow and create local jobs. As our client companies are able to increase their deposits in our bank, we then seek out other local small businesses that need growth capital. Our business model keeps our customers’ money in Colorado, working to help our local community thrive. This drives our ownership, our board, and every Citywide Banks employee to work passionately to help our customer companies to be successful. […]

Citywide Banks Presents Denver Healthcare Event Discussing How Outcome of 2012 Presidential Election Will Impact Healthcare Reform

BANKER INSIGHTS – Earlier this month, Citywide Banks sponsored another roundtable discussion event with approximately 100 healthcare practioners from across the Front Range. The event was moderated by Chris Hadley, Citywide Banks’ healthcare banking specialist, and featured presentations by Chad Mulvany, Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Technical Director out of HFMA’s Washington D.C. office, David Gans, Senior Fellow Industry Affairs, MGMA-ACMPE and Keith Moore, CEO, McManis Consulting. The following is a summary of the event. […]

Citywide Banks’ Real Estate Vet, Allen Kiel, Says This Economic Recovery Better than Past Recoveries

Allen Kiel, president of Commercial Real Estate Services for Citywide Banks, was recently featured in the Denver Business Journal’s article about Denver’s ongoing real estate recovery. Kiel is optimistic about the outlook for commercial real estate, a key driver in the area’s overall recovery. “One of the great things about the market today,” commented Kiel, “is there’s very little sublease space to pull a new building or existing leases down. They were giving away free rent and sometimes paying people to take space in the 1980s… Develpment is a lot smarter this time around.” Check out the full August 3rd article in the Denver Business Journal at […]

Citywide’s Hadley Hosts Panel Discussion on Evolving Healthcare Business in Colorado

BANKER INSIGHTS – Chris Hadley, Senior Vice President & Healthcare Banking Specialist at Citywide Banks, hosted the bi-monthly Denver Medical Study Group (DMSG) meeting earlier in April to an audience of over 80 Denver medical professionals. […]

Competing in Denver’s Modern Healthcare Marketplace: Focus on Patient Acquisition & Retention

As you prioritize spending for 2012, there’s no doubt a significant focus will be on ways to improve overall practice efficiency and the patient experience. That said, practices often neglect to leverage the business development opportunity that exists once these measures are in place. To fully capitalize on investments made to optimize efficiency, create a budget reserve for patient acquisition and retention. […]

Banker Insights: Help Protect Your Business through a Layered Info Security Solution

BANKER INSIGHTS – Today’s pace of change is dramatic. All of our businesses are impacted by shifting economic factors, advancing technology, evolving customer demands, and expanding means of communication. Underlying all this change is a more dynamic security environment. The potential threats to both businesses and individuals for fraud and identity theft are widespread. However, the ‘sky is not falling,’ and there are solutions for businesses to protect their network and information. Newly developed technology is part of the answer. Old school common sense and some general planning are the other pieces. Organizations – large and small – need to consider a layered security solution that provides multiple security touch points. […]

The Growing Importance of Projections & Budgets

BANKER INSIGHTS – While no one has a very accurate crystal ball these days, Bankers are increasingly looking to their clients to expend more of an effort in projecting their financial statements for a year or more in the future. Given the difficult economic environment, this process becomes much more than just an exercise for the Bank’s underwriting guidelines. Over the years, I have found that even my smallest clients have received many more benefits beyond just satisfying the Bank’s request. Although there are slight differences between projections and budgets, keep the following guidelines in mind when preparing them: […]

The Five C’s of Credit – Understanding a Bank’s Business Loan Decision

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There are many factors a bank takes into account when considering your business loan request. It’s important to remember that your commercial loan officer is tasked with finding ways to make your loan a reality. A responsible lender, like Citywide Banks, will base decisions on both tangible and intangible criteria. While […]

Preparing for Your Annual Credit Line Review

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When you are preparing to meet with your banker for an annual review or renewal of your credit line, here are a few tips that will help make the review go more smoothly and efficiently.

1. Gather the most current financial reports on your company, including:

Most recent year end financial […]