Leadership Insights: Keep Your Money Working in Colorado and Help Fuel Local Economy

The signs of Colorado’s economic recovery are becoming more visible each day. However, while the outlook is getting brighter, nobody expects business to mirror the economic booms of the past. Challenges, such as the lagging real estate segment and unpredictable gas prices, remain. Also, the credit market and the banking landscape have gone through a series of unprecedented changes. It’s a new era for business in Colorado, and it’s now more important than ever to support our community. I encourage you to patronize locally owned businesses and help fuel our region’s economic recovery. [...]

Leadership Insights: Citywide Moving Forward with Boulder Expansion, CDE Community Development, & More New Products

LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS by Kevin Quinn — Right now, there are a lot of things beyond our control, like the stock market, Europe’s credit market, and the Broncos’ running game. However, as a local business we see plenty of paths within our control. Our bank’s ability to steer around the recent pitfalls that have handcuffed many other banks has created opportunities for Citywide Banks to push forward. Earlier this week, we announced our upcoming branch expansion* into Boulder which will help give Boulder County businesses needed access to growth capital. Our bank also announced the creation of a loan fund aimed at funding new jobs within Denver’s low-income communities. Later this Fall, Citywide Banks will introduce more new products focused on helping small businesses run their operations more efficiently. It’s part of a deliberate plan to identify ways to help small businesses grow in the face of this challenging economy. [...]

Citywide Encourages More Corporate Giving Through New Community Outreach Programs

LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS – Being an active philanthropic partner in the Denver community has never been more challenging for businesses, or important for Metro Denver. Many of you are managing companies that are still finding your stride in the face of a slow economic recovery. However, regional and federal programs that benefit the disadvantaged, spur economic growth, or enrich residents’ quality of life, have been slashed or cut altogether. Therefore, businesses will play a significant role in moving our communities forward through charitable funding and volunteering. While every company needs to determine its own corporate giving strategy, Citywide has introduced a Client Charity Matching Fund and other new programs to make it a little easier for our business customers to do more in the Denver community. [...]

Moving Forward in 2011

Leadership Insights by Kevin Quinn, Citywide Banks

LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS – We don’t really know if Denver’s economic recovery is in the 4th inning or the 8th inning. It really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that every business should continually look for ways it can move forward. Standing still is rarely an effective strategy in any economy. And this economy seems to have changed the rules permanently for many industries. [...]

Trust in Our Values

LEADERSHIP INSIGHTS – There’s a lot of choice where your business can bank. From all of our employees to you and your family, I want to extend our gratitude for continuing to put your trust in Citywide Banks during 2010. We don’t take that trust lightly, and are not intent on sitting still while we wait out Denver’s business recovery. For example, during 2011, Citywide is making significant investments to upgrade our technology platform to further improve security, efficiency, and our capability to deliver next-generation business services. However, what really sets Citywide apart is our steadfast business philosophy based primarily on a set of corporate ideals. [...]

The Torch of Vince Schmitz’s Legacy Shines Brightly

Vince Schmitz, our Chairman of the Board, passed away on November 2, 2010. We will all miss the warm smile and lasting advice of the man that gave so much to his family, his community, and his customers. Vince co-founded the bank in 1963 with a management style and a strategic vision that highlighted integrity, [...]

What’s the Most Important Election Issue for Your Business?

All of us are adapting to this new landscape of doing business in Colorado. Our region’s economy is actually faring better than many. Some industries are even discovering unexpected opportunities that have emerged due to the shifting marketplace. However, most of us still encounter daily hurdles to growing our businesses. Our politicians all seem to [...]

Changing Mortgage Industry Creates Opportunity to Help Small Businesses & Their Employees

The recent housing downturn has forced a significant restructuring of Colorado’s mortgage industry. New government regulations and more aggressive competition continues to push less-than-reputable and inexperienced mortgage brokers to close their doors.  This new landscape has created an opportunity for Citywide Banks to use its strong market position and financial stability to expand our residential [...]

Talk to Your Accountant about New Tax Benefits Related to New Hires & Equipment

Citywide Banks always encourages responsible growth for our clients. In fact, there have been times over the years when we have advised a client or two to hold off on incurring debt. We don’t believe in “lending a business into trouble” because we only succeed when your business succeeds. That’s one way we add value [...]

The Uncertain Impact of Landmark Financial Legislation

The Dodd-Frank banking reform bill was signed into law by President Obama this week and with it will come an avalanche of new rules and requirements for the financial services industry. In fact, the legislation includes 533 new regulations. To put that in perspective for you — let’s compare it to the last major corporate [...]

Think Different. Think Forward.

This month, Citywide is moving our Executive Offices to the uniquely-different office tower at 1800 Larimer. The new building, the first office high-rise built downtown in more than two decades, has been trumpeted for its next-generation, revolutionary green design. More significantly, the change to Denver’s skyline has become a symbol of Denver’s resurgence as a [...]

A Stable Force in Volatile Times

While some economic indicators seem to be taking a slow turn towards the positive – it’s still hard to get comfortable with how unpredictable things can be on the road to economic recovery.

A look back at the stock market these past few weeks is a good example. Be careful – it might bring on [...]

Back to the Future, Starting with the Basics

I am always impressed with the resiliency of our customers. We are all emerging from some very difficult times, and I will not suggest that they are over. But it has been interesting to see how many of our customers have used the downturn as an impetus to meet with their Citywide banker and thoughtfully [...]

Taking a Stand to Keep Colorado Small Businesses Viable

I spend every day with small Colorado businesses that are working hard to remain responsive to their customers and stay competitive in the marketplace. It is clear they don’t need another obstacle to overcome. Yet this is what the proposed (and ironically named) Employee Free Choice Act would place in the way of local business [...]

Big Bank Bankers at Citywide?

In today’s media and across the blogosphere, there has been considerable, and sometimes justified, criticism of “bankers” across the U.S. But let’s be clear in distinguishing between the bankers you see in the headlines, and the bankers you work with every day at Citywide Banks. We are not a giant Wall Street investment bank. We [...]