Citywide Banks Premieres New Cybersecurity Video to Help Businesses Fight Fraud

Citywide Banks has developed a new video about cybersecurity and best practices for companies to fight online fraud. The short video is part of a new Cybersecurity & Fraud Protection Resource Center on the bank’s website at […]

Apple Pay Now Available with Citywide Banks Debit Cards – Pay Securely with a Single Touch Using Your Phone

Citywide Banks now offers customers the ability to setup their personal or business debit card with Apple Pay™. Apple Pay works with Apple’s built-in ‘Wallet’ app on the newer iPhone and iPad devices. It allows purchases to be made through the phone instead of swiping a debit card. After setting up a debit card in the mobile device’s built-in ‘Wallet’ app, a user can begin using Apple Pay at a growing list of Colorado retailers and retailer mobile apps. Apple Pay purchases show up on the Citywide Banks deposit account just as if the user had paid with a physical debit card. […]

Five Easy Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Hackers

According to a 2015 Pew Research study, 64% of Americans own a smartphone. Many of us depend on our mobile phone for business communications, online banking, mobile payments, navigation, and staying connected through text messaging and social media. However, 39% of American mobile users do not protect their devices with a password and 60% do not install any anti-virus software according to a 2015 study by CTIA – The Wireless Association. Hackers, fraudsters, and threats are not going away, but there are some simple actions you can take to better protect your smartphone and other mobile devices. […]

Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

Feeling like your company’s IT network may be vulnerable to attack? You are not alone. According to a 2015 Accenture Consulting study of more than 900 C-level executives, 76% believe the likelihood of a malicious attack is “very or extremely high.” That same study found 63% claimed their organizations experience significant attacks that test the resilience of their IT systems on a daily basis. In Citywide Banks own polling of more than 400 Colorado business executives at its February 2015 economic forecast event, it found only 18% that were “very confident” about the security of their company’s IT network. The good news is there are some steps any company can take to help mitigate the impact of this new cyber risk environment. […]

Reminder – Citywide Banks Hosting Free Shredding Event for Community on May 30

A great way to help protect yourself from identity theft is to shred financial documents that are no longer needed. As a free, community service, Citywide Banks is hosting its final shredding event of the season at its Mississippi branch this Saturday, May 30, 2015, from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon. The branch is located near I-225 and Mississippi in Aurora at 13731 E. Mississippi Avenue in Aurora. […]

Security Alert – Card Cracking Scams Prey on Recent College Grads and Others

Criminals have created yet another trick to scam vulnerable individuals out of their money. This time, it is college students and other millennials that are the primary targets. It’s called “Card Cracking” or “Card Popping.” It can occur in a variety of scenarios. The most common case involves a fraudster reaching out to an individual with an enticing plea for help to cash a check in return for some quick cash. The account holder is then convinced to give the scammer their debit card or reveal bank account credentials, enabling the scammer to deposit a fake check and make an immediate withdrawal. The account holder is then instructed to report the debit card stolen in return for cash — making him or her a criminal accomplice and subject to prosecution. […]

Seven Ways to Frustrate a Fraudster During Tax Season

The days leading up to April 15 – tax deadline day – are often vulnerable ones for consumers, as W-2 statements and tax returns containing their personal information circulate over the internet and through the mail. […]

Citywide Banks Adds DEBIT CARD ALERTS – Free Personalized Notifications to Help Prevent Fraud

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Citywide Banks now offers customers a convenient tool to monitor debit card usage and help spot fraudulent activity. Citywide Banks Debit Card Alerts empowers clients to receive near real-time alerts sent to a designated mobile phone or email. The new service is included at no additional charge** with any debit card connected […]

Citywide Banks Reissuing Debit Cards as Precaution Following Home Depot Data Breach

The national retailer, Home Depot, has announced it is investigating a nationwide financial data breach that has the potential of impacting Citywide Banks customers. As a precaution, Citywide Banks will be automatically reissuing debit cards for its customers that made purchases at Home Depot during the impacted period. The bank has begun contacting these customers. […]

HEARTBLEED Bug Alert Offers Another Reminder to Stay Vigilant against Fraud

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Citywide Banks continues to investigate and review all of its security systems. However, following an initial review, there is no indication of any security breach or specific vulnerability on its banking websites and network related to the Heartbleed bug. The bank does encourage customers to continue to take normal precautions by […]

Citywide Banks Releases New Version of Its MOBILE BANKING App

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Citywide Banks has released a new upgrade for its mobile banking app for iPhone, iPad, and Droid devices. Existing Mobile OnlineOption™ users will be prompted to download the new version next time they log into their mobile banking app. Citywide Banks customers not yet enrolled can setup mobile banking through their […]

SECURITY REMINDER – Protecting You & Your Business from Fraud

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The IRS recently released new information about a tax-fraud phone scam where callers misrepresent themselves as IRS representatives and try to get social security account numbers and other personal information.  Their goal is to steal your tax refund. It’s just the latest reminder for individuals and businesses to remain on guard […]

Citywide Banks Reissuing Debit Cards in Wake of Target Stores Data Breach

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The national retailer, Target, has announced a nationwide financial data breach that could potentially affect 40 million credit and debit cards used in its U.S. stores between November 27 and December 15, 2013.  As a precaution for our customers’ security, Citywide Banks will be automatically reissuing debit cards for its customers that made […]

Security Alert – New Malware Scam Targets Online Banking Token Users Across U.S.

SECURITY ALERT – Citywide Banks has received reports of an active malware scam targeting online banking security token users at U.S. banks. This potential threat may apply to some Citywide Banks business customers that use security tokens to access their account online. As with any potential threat, we urge you NOT to respond to any other unsolicited requests for personal and financial account information. This latest fraud scam could be in the form of an email, text message, or a pop-up browser window. […]

Safety Tips to Help Protect Your Mobile Phone

INFO SECURITY TIPS – Our mobile phones are getting smarter. That means we are all doing more with them. However, that also means our smartphones are increasingly becoming a target for cybercriminals. For example, the IC3, a partnership between the Federal Burea of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center, put out a special alert on October 12 warning of another malware attack that specifically targets the operating system on Android mobile devices (click here to view full alert). Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure you are paying attention to things you can do to help protect your phone against information intruders. […]