Citywide Banks Adds DEBIT CARD ALERTS – Free Personalized Notifications to Help Prevent Fraud

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Citywide Banks now offers customers a convenient tool to monitor debit card usage and help spot fraudulent activity. Citywide Banks Debit Card Alerts empowers clients to receive near real-time alerts sent to a designated mobile phone or email. The new service is included at no additional charge** with any debit card connected […]

Citywide Banks Reissuing Debit Cards as Precaution Following Home Depot Data Breach

The national retailer, Home Depot, has announced it is investigating a nationwide financial data breach that has the potential of impacting Citywide Banks customers. As a precaution, Citywide Banks will be automatically reissuing debit cards for its customers that made purchases at Home Depot during the impacted period. The bank has begun contacting these customers. […]

HEARTBLEED Bug Alert Offers Another Reminder to Stay Vigilant against Fraud

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Citywide Banks continues to investigate and review all of its security systems. However, following an initial review, there is no indication of any security breach or specific vulnerability on its banking websites and network related to the Heartbleed bug. The bank does encourage customers to continue to take normal precautions by […]

Citywide Banks Releases New Version of Its MOBILE BANKING App

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Citywide Banks has released a new upgrade for its mobile banking app for iPhone, iPad, and Droid devices. Existing Mobile OnlineOption™ users will be prompted to download the new version next time they log into their mobile banking app. Citywide Banks customers not yet enrolled can setup mobile banking through their […]

SECURITY REMINDER – Protecting You & Your Business from Fraud

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The IRS recently released new information about a tax-fraud phone scam where callers misrepresent themselves as IRS representatives and try to get social security account numbers and other personal information.  Their goal is to steal your tax refund. It’s just the latest reminder for individuals and businesses to remain on guard […]

Citywide Banks Reissuing Debit Cards in Wake of Target Stores Data Breach

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The national retailer, Target, has announced a nationwide financial data breach that could potentially affect 40 million credit and debit cards used in its U.S. stores between November 27 and December 15, 2013.  As a precaution for our customers’ security, Citywide Banks will be automatically reissuing debit cards for its customers that made […]

Security Alert – New Malware Scam Targets Online Banking Token Users Across U.S.

SECURITY ALERT – Citywide Banks has received reports of an active malware scam targeting online banking security token users at U.S. banks. This potential threat may apply to some Citywide Banks business customers that use security tokens to access their account online. As with any potential threat, we urge you NOT to respond to any other unsolicited requests for personal and financial account information. This latest fraud scam could be in the form of an email, text message, or a pop-up browser window. […]

Safety Tips to Help Protect Your Mobile Phone

INFO SECURITY TIPS – Our mobile phones are getting smarter. That means we are all doing more with them. However, that also means our smartphones are increasingly becoming a target for cybercriminals. For example, the IC3, a partnership between the Federal Burea of Investigation and the National White Collar Crime Center, put out a special alert on October 12 warning of another malware attack that specifically targets the operating system on Android mobile devices (click here to view full alert). Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure you are paying attention to things you can do to help protect your phone against information intruders. […]

Citywide Banks Now Offering Businesses Two ‘Added Security’ Products: IRONKEY Trusted Access & ACH Filters

BANK NEWS – Citywide Banks has released two new products aimed at further enhancing online security for its business customers. IRONKEY Trusted Access is a secure browser that works through a portable USB flash drive that further helps prevent unauthorized account access. IRONKEY’s patented technology is used by Homeland Security, the CIA, and other organizations highly sensitive to online security. The second product, ACH Filters, enables customers to set custom trigger points to help prevent fraudulent ACH transactions. Both IRONKEY and ACH Filters complement the bank’s larger fraud control program and multi-layer security infrastructure. […]

Citywide Banks Launches FRAUDspot on Twitter as Resource for Customers to Get Latest News & Tips on Fraud Prevention

BANK NEWS – Citywide Banks has launched a new Twitter site that will deliver the latest information security news, scam alerts, and consumer news to help businesses and families spot and prevent fraud. The new site, called FRAUD Spot, is available at Twitter users can follow @FRAUDspot through their personal Twitter account and automatically receive any messages, alerts, or linked articles ‘tweeted’ through FRAUD Spot. The new Twitter site is separate from the bank’s main site, @CitywideBanks, which delivers economic news, business insights, and general bank announcements. […]

Security Alert: New Text & Email Scams Ask for Private Info

SECURITY ALERT – Citywide Banks has learned a fraudulent text is being sent to customers of multiple local & national banks claiming there is an issue with their debit card. This latest texting scam instructs customers to call a phone number. When dialed, callers are prompted to input their 16-digit card number and other private information. This is a phishing scam aimed to get financial account information. […]

Security Alert: Fraudulent FDIC Emails with Malware

SECURITY ALERT – Citywide Banks has learned that the FDIC has received numerous reports of fraudulent e-mails that appear to be from the FDIC and contain an infected attachment. The fraudulent e-mails have addresses such as “” or “” on the “From” line. The message appears, with spelling and grammatical errors, as follows… […]