#SmallBiz BUZZ – The Changing Components of Effective Leadership

Our business world is evolving. Social media and mobile devices are driving change in how companies communicate with customers and collaborate with coworkers. The surge of Millenials into the workplace is shifting how businesses operate. “In the old world, you devoted 40% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. In the new world, that inverts,” explained Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Disruptive business models, like Uber to the taxi industry or Galvanize to higher education, have shown that any industry can be realigned with the right strategy. Is this new corporate landscape breeding a new type of leader? How is effective leadership defined in business today, and what will it look like in five or ten years? Can your company’s current leadership evolve or will it be forced to infuse new thought leaders into your business? […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ – Millennials Are Evolving ‘Doing Business’ in Denver

Whether its a result of more millennials in leadership positions or the emergence of better mobile technology, the workplace in Colorado is changing fast. Video conferencing, remote network access, texting, and collaborative project management tools have all become commonplace in many companies. We are all more connected to our office network, other employees, and even customers 24/7. The speed of business has never been faster. So, how is this new workplace impacting your company’s employee culture? Does increased efficiency translate to improved quality? How has managing staff changed? Is the new workplace pushing many Baby Boomers out the door, and out of certain industries? […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ – Will Wearable Tech Change the Way We Do Business?

Earlier this month, Apple made news by announcing its Apple Watch, a digital wrist-watch accessory for iPhone users that promises to break-through the barriers that have prevented previous smart-watch products from going mainstream. Then there’s the Google Glass, the digital eye-glasses that enables users to watch videos, take photos, surf the web, get calendar alerts and more in a blink of the eye. Both product makers foresee a future where wearable technology becomes intimately connected to us, it uses our heartbeat, eye movement, and other biometrics to define the functionality. Is this another paradigm shift in how we will manage our productivity and communicate with others? How does this impact how business is done? Should we be excited the opportunities or fearful about security and privacy concerns? […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ – How Baby Boomer Retirement Surge Is Changing Business

Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day, a trend that is expected continue for the next fifteen years. The trend is expected to make a big impact to our economy in a variety of ways. The recent recession has forced many Boomers to work past the retirement age that further slows job opportunities for new grads and throughout the corporate ranks. For those that do retire, it means less lower spending, little new investment, and more dependency on government coffers and younger generations for economic support. Since Boomers make up nearly a quarter of the U.S. population, so how fast they leave the workforce and how they live in retirement will have a dramatic impact on the Colorado and national economy. […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ – The ROI of Employee Perks

What does your company do to strengthen your loyalty? Is your company building an employee culture that will attract younger employees over the next decade? Millennials, workers currently in their mid-20’s to early 30’s of age, are becoming an increasingly critical segment of the workforce. The latest tech boom, growing use of social media, higher integration of mobile technology, and other factors, have created a highly competitive demand to recruit and retain younger talent across nearly every industry. While paycheck value is still king, companies are getting creative with ways to boost employee satisfaction, team building, and productivity. […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ: Commercial UAVs and Colorado’s “Drone Rush”

The high-tech glamour mixed with controversy over privacy and safety is creating a buzz about commercial use of drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). And, Colorado is right in the middle of this ongoing fight. Some homeowners want the legal authority to shoot down low-flying drones, while many see an economic boon from growing applications in product delivery, law enforcement, search & rescue, insurance, GIS & mapping, agriculture, media, and more. Companies in Aurora, Golden, and Boulder are already providing drone-related services, while Front Range Airport is transforming into a multi-faceted campus for drone operations. […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ: Collaborative Workspace – Is Your Company Doing Enough to Nurture Productivity & Innovation?

How does your company encourage collaboration to stimulate innovation, keep large planning projects on target, and identify opportunities for greater efficiency? Collaboration and encouragement of a “think tank” environment come naturally to younger generation work force members, and seasoned ones should take note rather than dismiss the value of these practices. From co-work lounges, open floor plans, to team project-management components on an intranet, companies are placing collaboration at the center of their growth plans. Some are labeling it as the practice of “social enterprise,” which applies the same core concepts of social media to the workplace. Afterall, idea sharing is not just about ‘playing nice in the sandbox’ – it’s about engaging your workforce to move your company forward. […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ – 3D Printing: Will It Shift the Landscape of Doing Business in Colorado?

3D printing has been around for 20 years. However, with recent technology advances, the applications are quickly becoming accessible to small businesses and entrepreneurs in Colorado. A 3D printer uses plastic, ceramic or other filaments similiar to the way a traditional printer uses ink. The technology enables a user to instantly transform a digital blueprint into a shape or product. The early applications range from the printing of prosthetic limbs for bomb victims, building NASA rockets from space, to the reconstruction of historical monuments. The Micro 3D Printer (a $299 model built for home-use) raised over $1 million on Kickstarter in a single day. Simply put, there is both high utility and high demand in both private and commercial sectors for 3D-printers. […]

#SmallBiz BUZZ – BITCOIN: How It Could Impact Your Colorado Business

Bitcoin is positioning itself as a next-generation currency that is virtual in all aspects. There are currently about 12 million of a maximum 21 million bitcoins in circulation around the world. Unlike the U.S. dollar or the Euro, the value of one bitcoin is not based on any central banking authority or government. Enthusiasts claim its direct person-to-person structure means payment transactions could be processed cheaper and faster. However, critics point to security issues, volatile valuation, and lack of tracking mechanisms as reasons for businesses to steer clear. […]