Is Your Business Relevant? A Look at How Colorado Companies Are Keeping Pace

Business managers in Denver have a lot on their plate. Success means running an efficient operation that can address evolving customer and market demands. But, how do you know if you’re as efficient as you can be, or that you are aware of the latest market trends and opportunities? It doesn’t really matter your company size or industry, it is challenging to stay on top of it all. As a customer, we want high value. A high value relationship is one that’s relevant and having significant bearing on the matter at hand. Relevance is not about being modern or fashionable. It’s about being impactful to what’s important to your customers, partners, and employees. Is your business relevant? The first place to look is in a mirror. Being relevant means your management team and operations are in tune with how your operations impact value to your customers. Are your operations designed to exceed your customers’ price, quality, service expectations? Does your management team understand what market factors threaten your company’s unique selling proposition? Do your employees, suppliers, banking partner, and other key partners understand and believe in your vision and the plan to get there? […]

Why the Citywide Banks Business Model Works for Denver Companies & Local Community

The true measure of a company’s success is what its customers think about it. It goes beyond being on a first name basis. Is the relationship bringing real value that’s impacting the company’s business goals? Would they refer the business to a colleague? For five decades, Citywide Banks has strived to be more than just another outlet for a business loan. Our business model is centered on partnering with local small to midsize businesses to move our local community forward. That means giving businesses the support and financial tools to grow and create local jobs. As our client companies are able to increase their deposits in our bank, we then seek out other local small businesses that need growth capital. Our business model keeps our customers’ money in Colorado, working to help our local community thrive. This drives our ownership, our board, and every Citywide Banks employee to work passionately to help our customer companies to be successful. […]

A Look Inside Citywide Banks’ Unique Business Culture

Citywide Banks is turning 50 years old in 2013. Big deal, right? It’s not the only Colorado bank to reach the milestone. However, one needs to go beyond the numbers to find the intriguing story about the bank. Through all the recent noise of big bank bailouts, industry consolidation, and mass layoffs, Citywide Banks has quietly moved forward during a turbulent shift in the banking industry. The bank has successfully grown its employee base and assets while simultaneously streamlining operations. It has consistently sustained profitability and high satisfaction rates for both employees and customers through five decades of varying economies. Whether it’s the consistent family leadership, core operating values, or simply having a knack for putting the right people in the right jobs, Citywide Banks has cultivated a unique employee culture that is unmatched in banking today. […]