BIZPULSE – Talking Denver Economy from a Real Estate Perspective with David Sinkey of BOULDER CREEK BUILDERS

It seems that everybody is selling their home. That’s an exaggeration, but the real estate market is definitely showing signs of big improvement. According to a ZipRealty report, nearly 40% of Denver area homes that went on sale in April were sold within seven days. That tied Washington D.C. as the nation’s fastest selling home market in April. That is good news for everyone’s home value and great news for Colorado’s economy. Real estate activity impacts consumer confidence, retail spending, job growth, tax revenue, and more. While it can make it stressful to find an available home for sale, a fast selling market is good for business… all businesses. […]

BizPulse (May 2013) – Hear What Head of E2 OPTICS Says about Tech Industry and Denver Economy

For many Colorado companies, business has stabilized and is beginning to grow. Local retail sales, home prices, employment, consumer confidence indexes, commercial real estate development, and even traveling passengers at DIA are trending upward. The environment seems to be motivating more new business start-ups and less business bankruptcies in the state (see trend charts below). For the 12-month period ending in March, Metro Denver added 34,500 jobs for a 2.5% increase. More jobs typically mean more spending. So, does this mean we are really out of this flat economy? Most economists expect Colorado’s economy to continue to expand for the remainder of the year. However, a few have cautioned that this may simply be short-term swing upward. What do you think? Share your own comments on the Citywide Banks Facebook page at […]

BizPulse April 2013 – Talking with ELITE BRANDS about Denver Economy & Employment Trends

BizPulse is a monthly column that gets insights from Denver CEOs about local economic trends. Stay relevant with the local business community. Share your thoughts on BizPulse topics at (APRIL 2013) Much of the economic data released in the past month shows the Denver/Boulder area to be on a cusp of real growth. The Goss Institute’s Colorado Business Conditions Index rose for the fourth straight month to reach 60.8 in March. Oil and gas production in Colorado hit a 57-year high during 2012, according to the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. The stock market is booming. Home prices in Colorado have even returned to pre-recession levels in many areas in Colorado. […]

BizPulse (March 2013) – Business Optimism & Conversation with Denver’s Geocal, Inc.

While uncertainty and challenges remain, there are encouraging signs that Colorado’s economic recovery is moving forward. One indication is the rising optimism by both consumers and businesses in Denver and the region. The Consumer Board’s Consumer Confidence Index for the Mountain Region, which includes Colorado, rose 4.3% in February (preliminary data). The Goss Institute’s Colorado Business Conditions Index, which measures expected business activity, rose 8.3% in February. […]