Citywide Banks Employees Spreading the Warmth with Acts of Kindness in Community

Citywide Banks has once again teamed up with Spread the Warmth(TM), a Colorado nonprofit dedicated to promoting the spirit of giving in our Denver community.  For the second year in a row, the bank has given each of its employees a special pair of gloves to hand-deliver to someone in the community. Whether it’s a homeless person, an elderly neighbor, or a stranger working out in the cold, the mission is to reach out and make a heart-felt, personal gesture with the gloves. Citywide Banks is also the lead sponsor for the nonprofit’s annual holiday mailing of glove packages to thousands of local business professionals. Each recipient is asked to hand-deliver the gloves to an individual in the community.

“Too often, we write a donation check to a charity and never get an opportunity to make a personal connection to those we help,” explained Steve Ebner, first vice president of marketing at Citywide Banks. “Spread the Warmth enables each of our employees to personally bring a smile to someone in the community.  It’s a simple, unexpected act that captures the true spirit of the holidays.”

Glove Giving Stories
Throughout the next few weeks, hundreds of inspiring glove-giving stories will be published on the website. Here are some recent giving stories from Citywide Banks employees:

“I always see people asking for help on Evans and I-25 as I’m on my way home. Over the weekend, there was a man with a sign that said he was out of work and needed just a little help. I gave him the $2 that I had and he thanked me quickly for it. I then handed him the gloves and told him I hoped they would keep him warm as he tries to get back on his feet. He looked at me with wide eyes and then a huge smile spread across his face, as though the unexpected gesture had totally made his day. He said, “right on, thank you so much!” and wished me a good day. I haven’t seen him on that corner since and I hope each and every day that he was able to find work and begin rebuilding his life.”  
— Leah Donelson, Citywide Banks 

“I was driving back to work from getting lunch on a snowy day and I saw a woman pushing a cart of her belongings through the parking lot. She was elderly and moving slowly, so I stopped and offered her the gloves, knowing that her hands had to be freezing pushing the metal cart through the snow. She took them with a small smile, glad to have a little something to help battle the cold right after Christmas.”  
— Ashley Vasquez, Citywide Banks 

“I did the same thing with the gloves as I did last year. I donated them to the the Ronald McDonald house. I put a twenty dollar bill in each thumb and asked the receptionist to find a family that was needing a little extra help this year. I’m certain she can find just the right family.”
— Bob Williams, Citywide Banks 

“This past Sunday evening, I was at a local King Soopers. It was snowing and there was a lady standing in front of the entrance doors, she was a Salvation Army Bell Ringer. I put in some change and noticed she wasn’t wearing any gloves, which I found odd because the Bell Ringers normally are bundled up. She smiled, said thank you. I went to my car and grabbed the pair of gloves, walked up to her and handed them to her. She gave me a big smile and went on to tell me that she hasn’t been able to afford a good pair of gloves to get her through all the bell ringing, they keep ripping, or are too thin. She thanked me and told me Happy Holidays! Thanks for this opportunity!”
— Sarah Wullkotte, Citywide Banks

“I put my gloves in the car ready to find some cold soul to give them to. On Sunday I found my gentleman in front of King Soopers on Havana and Mississippi. This older gentleman is a fixture at the store, he sits out front and doesn’t ask for anything from anyone.He is very old and frail looking. I went in and purchased a $15.00 gift card slipped it into the pouch with the gloves and on my way out handed it to him and wished him Happy Holidays. He thanked me, grabbed my hand and squeazed it. Those gloves made my Christmas again this year. Citywide starts the pay it forward with the spread the warmth gloves program, but it leaves us with warmth in our own hearts after we find someone out there to surprise with that little gift. Happy Holidays to all.”
— Cindy Bruce, Citywide Banks

“Twas the afternoon before Christmas, as I scurried for home;
thinking of family celebrations and nice Christmas treats.
When I spied a disheveled gent wandering alone;
somewhat distracted, obviously living on the streets.

His coat was unzipped, his jeans worn and muddy;
bare hands, scarf askew, cap pulled tight over his ears.
Aimlessly walking, not bothering anybody;
probably hadn’t seen his family in years?

He wasn’t panhandling, just looked cold, tired, and dejected;
I wanted to stop, but no place to pull over.
I had gloves, Christmas cookies, things he never expected;
so I zipped round the block, caught him at the next corner.

With one eye missing, he’d had a hard life;
I stopped in traffic before the light turned, called out to him thrice.
A small smile crossed his face, as I gave him gloves, cookies
and warm wishes for a merrier Christmas.”
— Pete Ablanczy, Citywide Banks

“I was at Walmart, the guy ringing the Salvation Army bell looked like he was freezing standing there ringing the bell. His little hands were red so I gave him my gloves… He said he couldn’t believe it and smiled. Thanks Citywide for giving me the gloves to give someone in need.”
— Pam Augustine, Citywide Banks

Read more glove giving stories at

About Citywide Banks
Colorado owned and family operated since 1963, Citywide Banks specializes in commercial lending, deposit accounts and treasury management solutions for businesses throughout Denver and Boulder. Citywide Banks is a 50+ year-old community bank with 12 branches and more than $1.3 billion in assets. The bank’s team of more than 250 Front Range employees is a proud supporter of hundreds of local charities through employee volunteering, financial contributions, and social media awareness campaigns. For more information, please visit the bank’s website at Citywide Banks is Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

About Spread the Warmth
Spread the Warmth is a nonprofit organization created by Aurora-based, Dreamwise Marketing Solutions. The charity’s mission is to promote the spirit of giving within the community. Spread the Warmth works with businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to involve their customers and employees in giving the gift of a warm pair of gloves to those in need. Learn more about Spread the Warmth at

About DreamWise Marketing Solutions
Founded in 1996, DreamWise Marketing Solutions is a full service marketing firm providing strategic, high-impact marketing solutions including direct marketing, online marketing, printing, and branding. DreamWise is 100% women owned and wind powered. The company gives back to the community through its nonprofit, Spread the Warmth, as well as volunteering for a variety of local nonprofit organizations. Visit to learn more.

Citywide Banks Gives $5,000 to Hope House of Colorado at Employee Victory Lunch

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Citywide Banks awarded Hope House of Colorado with a $5,000 donation today at the bank’s Hampden & Monaco offices in Denver.  Employees at the Hampden branch, along with employees at the Cherry Creek and Santa Fe locations, were responsible for nominating the local nonprofit for last month’s Charity Hand-Up Contest. Hope House of Colorado beat […]

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Citywide Banks Named One of Colorado’s Top Corporate Philanthropists

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Citywide Banks Donates 100 Holiday Turkeys to Denver Rescue Mission

Citywide Banks has donated $1,500 to the Denver Rescue Mission that will be used to purchase 100 turkeys for the shelter’s holiday campaign. The gift will help the nonprofit feed thousands of Denver’s families and individuals challenged by homelessness and poverty. The Denver Rescue Mission provides a special Thanksgiving banquet at its downtown shelter and distributes over 1,000 holiday food boxes to poor families in Metro Denver through churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations. […]

Citywide Banks Helps Longmont Humane Society Save More than $500k with New Financing

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The Longmont Humane Society, a private, 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides shelter and care to thousands of animals each year, reached a financing agreement with Citywide Banks, a family operated, Colorado bank, that will reduce its annual payment from $772,227 to $177,612. As reported in Boulder’s Daily Camera, the deal came within […]

HOPE HOUSE OF COLORADO Wins Top $5,000 Donation in Citywide Banks Charity Hand-Up Contest

Hope House of Colorado edged out six other local charities to rally the most votes in Citywide Banks $8,000 Charity Hand-Up Contest. The 15-day Facebook contest aimed to raise awareness for seven Colorado nonprofits nominated by Citywide Banks employees. Hope House of Colorado will receive a $5,000 cash donation from the bank, while runner-up, Wild B.I.R.D., will receive $1,000. An additional $1,500 in donations will be split among the other nominees based on final vote standings. The Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children will receive an additional $500 donation for growing its Facebook network the most during the contest. […]

Citywide Banks Helps Light Up Boulder Star on Flagstaff Mountain as Tribute to Veterans – Nightly Lighting Begins on Veterans Day

The Boulder Chamber, along with its partners Citywide Banks and Craig Reynolds (Lord & Reynolds Electrical Services), will light the Boulder Star on Flagstaff Mountain at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 11. The annual Veteran’s Day lighting is a tribute to our active and past members of the armed services that kicks off the holiday season with a symbol of hope that can be seen for miles during the long winter nights. […]

How Will $8,000 Be Split Across Seven Colorado Charities? VOTE NOW in Citywide Banks Charity Hand-Up Contest

Now through midnight on November 17, 2014, Citywide Banks is hosting its Charity Hand-Up Contest to raise awareness for seven Colorado nonprofits. The community is invited to participate by voting for a charity nominee on Facebook and sharing their support through social media. The charity that receives the most votes on Facebook will receive a $5,000 cash donation from Citywide Banks. An additional $2,500 in donations will be split between the other nominees based on final vote standings. An extra $500 donation will go to the charity that increases their Facebook followers the most during the contest. The public can enter to win several prizes by participating. […]

(Contest Nominee) WILD B.I.R.D. Helps Injured Birds Return to the Colorado Skies

In 1999, Debbie Strimple and other wild bird enthusiasts saw a need in Denver for an organization dedicated to the care of orphaned and injured wild birds. She witnessed the devastation of wild birds colliding with cars, windows, and power lines and losing their homes due to storms and other destructive events. The next year, Strimple founded the Wild Bird Information and Rehabilitation of Denver (Wild B.I.R.D.) as a nonprofit organization. During its early years, the group saved a couple of hundred birds a year with the help of a few volunteers. Now, the organization treats, on average, about 3,000 birds annually with a 60% release rate. To date they’ve returned over 28,000 birds back into the Colorado skies. […]

(Contest Nominee) AUTISM SOCIETY OF COLORADO Works to Improve Lives of All Affected by Autism

The prevalence of Autism is on the rise. In 2000, 1 out of 150 children were diagnosed with autism nationally. Now, it affects 1 in 68. The mission of the Autism Society of Colorado (ASC) is to help the growing amount of people who are impacted by autism, whether it’s families, caregivers, educators, first responders, or members of the community. […]

(Contest Nominee) COLORADO OUTWARD BOUND SCHOOL Transforms the Next Generation of Young Leaders

Many of us have heard of Outward Bound and know at least a little bit about it. It’s about the outdoors and adventure. But, what you may not know, is that the Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS), a non-profit educational organization founded in 1962, was the first Outward Bound School in the western hemisphere. It serves people of all ages and backgrounds through challenging learning expeditions that focus on character development, leadership, environmental stewardship, and service to others. […]

(Contest Nominee) COLORADO DEC Works to Bring New Hope to Children Affected by Parental Substance Abuse

The Colorado DEC’s goal is prevent any type of child neglect or abuse from womb to school-aged children through training, education and outreach with law enforcement, caseworkers, medical professionals, families and community leaders. The nonprofit looks to act amidst two primary scenarios of child endangerment. The first involves children exposed prenatally to drugs or alcohol, which can make them prone to a variety of developmental issues. The next are kids in the care of a person abusing drugs or alcohol. […]

(Contest Nominee) ROCKY MOUNTAIN CANCER ASSISTANCE Helps Low-Income Cancer Patients with Household Expenses

The unique and wonderful thing about Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance (RMCA) is that they fund 100% of grant applicants that meet their eligibility requirements. Grants of between $250 and $1,000 are awarded to any qualified low-income cancer patient receiving treatment in the state of Colorado and go toward household expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, and insurance co-pays. […]

Pass it on, Citywide Banks is Now Hiring!

Citywide Banks is currently offering the following employment opportunities: Chief Credit Officer; Branch Coordinator; Account Executive; Construction Banker; Commercial Banker; Treasury Management Business Development Officer; Mortgage Underwriter; Valuation Specialist; Loan Review; Mortgage Loan Originator […]